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As a lover of food, there is very little I find unappetizing. Recently, however, several restaurant ads on television have caused me to lose my appetite. For more information on competitive eating, visit our website today!

The commercials center on close up shots of the food available at the particular stores, a camera technique designed to increase your urge for that burger or taco or sandwich. Instead, those very foods that are my favorite, at such close perspective leave me with absolute no desire to visit that restaurant.

Back when televisions were relatively small, close ups made food appear more appetizing.
Now in this age of huge screens, the close ups make you notice the imperfections in the restaurant fare.

The effect is similar to that of Gulliver in the classic book by Jonathan Swift, where in the second section the title character finds himself in a land of giants called Brobdingnagians.
The inhabitants are so large that Gulliver fits in the palms of their hands, where he has to behold every pore and flaw in their humongous bodies. As the Queen of Brobdingnag undresses in front of the tiny creature, Gulliver is completely turned off by what from such close proximity appears grotesque.
Another situation that tends to turn off my appetite occurs frequently on classic television shows, where the plots of certain episodes involve eating contests. Watching someone chow down on an enormous amount of hot dogs or hamburgers or any other type of food leaves me feeling anything but hungry.

Here are ten sitcoms that feature regular characters who participate in eating contests.

The Simpsons

Homer challenges truck driver Red Barclay to see which man can finish off a mammoth steak called "Sir Loin-a-Lot."

Room 222

The students of Pete Dixon (played by Lloyd Hanes), in order to raise money for a benefit, hold a contest to see who can eat the most bananas.

The Office

Erroneously assuming he has been given a promotion, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) holds a hot dog eating contest as part of a test to see which employee would be his successor as the head of Dunder-Mifflin.

Full House

At a reunion of the Tanner family, everyone is counting on Joey to win the pie eating contest in an episode called "The King and I."

Hey Arnold

In a segment simply called "Eating Contest" the title character participates in a competition to see who can devour the most tacos, meatballs, and ice cream. Want to know more about eating competition? Visit our website for more information.

Beavis and Butthead

The MTV duo enter a bratwurst eating competition in the hopes of winning a car, only to find that there is a participation fee required.

The Phil Silvers Show

The title character bets on a new recruit nicknamed "The Stomach" to win the annual chow down on base, only to find that the new guy cannot eat unless he is depressed.

The Brady Bunch

Feeling depressed about being the only sibling without a trophy, Bobby thinks he has a great shot at winning the local ice cream eating contest.

King of the Hill

"The Fat and the Furious" centers on a hot dog eating contest, where Bill and Dale are adversaries.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

The episode is titled "What's Eating Patrick?" because that very character participates in a contest to see who can eat the most krabby patties.

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