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Where do Goji berries originate from?

Goji Berries are grown within the mineral wealthy soils of Northern China, Mongolia and Tibet. The word "Goji" was invented in Tibet in 1976. Before that "Goji" berries maintained within the civilized world as "wolfberries."

It had been also about 3 decades ago that scientific research on Goji Berries began in China. Here are a few highlights about these breakthroughs. For more information on goji berry, visit our website today!
Goji berries safeguard DNA and lower DNA damage in animal studies. This really is very good news for anybody worried about aging. Although aging is really a complicated process, one anti-aging technique is to reduce DNA damage.

Inside a related study, Goji berry polysaccharides (a type of sugar) safeguard testicular cells against damage for free radicals.

Goji berries safeguard against Alzheimer's by protecting the neurons within the brain against beta amyloid protein. This deadly proteins are connected with Alzheimer's. This really is welcome news since Alzheimer's is anticipated to achieve epidemic levels in aging seniors.

The Condition Scientific and Technology Commission of China reported in 1988 that eating 50 grams (slightly under 2 ounces) of Goji Berries caused a rise in the white-colored bloodstream cell count. There is also a rise of seventy five percent in antibody immunoglobin A (IgA).

Quite simply, there is a substantial rise in two important immune functions. Another study implies that Goji polysaccharides increase producing interleukin-2. It protects against cancer and bacteria.

Goji berries may reduce insulin resistance. Diabetic creatures which were given Goji berries for 3 days demonstrated reduced weight and improved triglyceride, cholesterol and levels of insulin.

You will find 67 medical studies that demonstrate how Goji Berries support a proper heart. Many of these are documented within the book Discovery from the Ultimate Superfood. 

Three other research has shown the antioxidants in Goji hinder fat peroxidation, which is a significant component in cardiovascular disease.

Goji berries were coupled with a cancer drug to turn back development of cancer in 79 patients. The Goji berries enhanced the result from the cancer drug. This improved combo was good at malignant melanoma, kidney cell carcinoma, cancer of the lung, malignant hydrothorax, colorectal carcinoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Looking for the best organic goji berry? Visit our website for more information.

Another study implies that Goji berries steer clear of the development of human leukemia cells within the test tube.

Goji berries also safeguard the liver. They have a compound known as cerebrosides, which fits easier to safeguard the liver than milk thistle, that is frequently used for this function.


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