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 Subletting your house or condo while on vacation may be a lucrative business, and it's a great way to excuse a few more margaritas on the beach. It can also be frightening, conjuring visions of your local locksmiths working overtime, your sofa on the front lawn, or even worse, in the pool. For more inforation about auto locksmith, visit our website.

1. How do you locate the ideal strangers to live with?

Where else than the internet? Yes, there's Craigslist, but if you prefer to work with a smaller group, one that takes a little more verification to join, check out,, or

Bonus: If you don't have a specific vacation booked, home swapping is a fantastic alternative on some of these sites. Why not spend a week in Slovenia? Barcelona? Boston? If you chance to be in their home at the same time, you're more likely to find responsible guests for your home.

2. Double-check your sources. Ask for three, and not just one or two that are personal. Speak with the references and make sure they give you a positive vibe. If you want to go a step further, you can spend $30-$40 on a background check.

3. To secure payment, draught a basic, legally binding agreement that contains a clause for damaged property. Get a 50% deposit ahead of time.

4. Don't sublet on the DL (down low, in case you didn't know). Tell your landlord and your super if you're a renter. Most contracts allow for a week or two of subletting, and your landlord will appreciate it if you keep them informed. Whether you rent or own your house, inform your neighbours about who will be staying with you and for how long.

5. Have a duplicate set of all your keys made by a local locksmith. Make replacement car keys if you'll be enabling your subletters to drive your car. Give a spare set to a third person, such as a neighbour, a family member who lives nearby, or a trusted friend.

6. After the subletters have left, consider changing the locks. It may appear drastic or costly, but now that you've got all those keys strewn about, it's a preventative strategy that could help you sleep better at night. Include the costs of all of these items in the rent you charge.

7. Let's talk about pets for a moment. Their pets, your pets. First and foremost, make it clear whether or not pets are permitted. That is the most basic scenario.

It's a totally different ballgame if you have pets and expect your subletter will look after them for you. If you're subletting to strangers, I recommend finding another, reliable source for pet care, such as a nearby kennel or a friend. Certainly if you have a canine companion.

If you have an adult cat or two that may be distressed by being separated from their normal settings, you can ask your subletter to look after them, but keep in mind that this is a service the subletter is providing, and you should account for it in the rental agreement.

8. Don't forget to leave contact information in case of an emergency! Personal contacts, doctors, hospitals, locksmiths in the area, and so on. Want to know more about the best locksmith? Visit our website today.

9. Make some closet space by cleaning out the fridge and a few drawers. You might wish to employ a cleaning service both before and after the renters come. (Another expense to factor into the rent you charge.) Coming home to spick-and-span rather than someone else's dirty laundry is a wonderful feeling.


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