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With regard to sex education, in particular, the U.S. educational system faltered under the previous administration. In November 2007, a national study found that sex education programs - which included contraception information as an integral feature - were the most effective at preventing teen pregnancies. At the time, then-president George Bush was still advocating for more funding for abstinence-only education programs. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy's findings were at odds with this emphasis on sex education that exclusively encourages abstinence. For more information on Oui Magazines, visit our website today. Today, we're hoping to see a rise in young people's knowledge about and attitudes toward abstinence and safe, responsible sex. Unfortunately, the poor continue to be the ones who are unable to access the support they require or to express their opinions on the problems affecting their communities. The majority of teen pregnancies are still occur

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 Lord Alfred Douglas created the expression "love that dares not speak its name." It initially appeared in 1896 in his poem "Two Loves," which was published (in the Chameleon). It alludes to Lord Alfred's homosexual affection for Oscar Wilde, who was later accused of gross indecency. In the 19th century, homosexuality was a crime committed both in England and almost everywhere else. Pornography is a new form of love that sex educators dare to mention since it is a sexual release that is neither prohibited nor addressed in polite or other culture today. For more information on Playboy Magazines, visit our website today. It is quite bad that a recent study reveals that pornography is the primary source of sex education for young people, even if parents may not be aware of this. Unfortunately, the porn industry has no interest in providing sex education and most definitely does not do so—at least not in a way that is beneficial, constructive, or healthy. Porn is e

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