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 Do you ever find yourself longing for sleep to come so your body can finally relax at two in the morning? Determine which of the various types of insomnia you have before you can find a solution for your sleep issues. This list of sleep disorders, from primary insomnia to chronic insomnia, will get you moving in the direction of a comfortable recovery. For more information on sleep app, visit our website. I've been sleepless for months, exhausted If bags have moved in under your eyes permanently, you probably have chronic insomnia. The inability to sleep for more than five or six hours at a time, two or three days a week, is a sign of this sleep problem. Chronic insomnia frequently recurs despite the fact that it occasionally resolves itself for brief intervals. You might even begin to believe that this pattern is typical if you've experienced this kind of insomnia for months or years, but it's not! What's-Sleep? Insomnia Patients with what is known as severe insomnia

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