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Traductores Simultaneos

Are Good Translators Hard to Come By? Absolutely, YES! Not merely someone who is fluent in two or more languages qualifies as a good translator. A skilled translator enjoys grammar, playing word and phrase games in their head, and loves language (my new hobby is to watch a translated TV show or movie and figure out what was the original phrase that produced the translated result...sick...I know). To know more about traducción simultánea, visit our website. Perfectionists who appreciate learning and willingly accept (and embrace) new information make for good translators. Shakespeare is supposedly only as excellent as the translation of his works, but in reality, many authors and poets volunteer to translate the works of other authors they like and look up to. However, I suppose it isn't really practical to ask your translation prospect if he or she appreciates grammar and knowledge and would be happy to learn about your specific subject... or is it? In any case, testimonials from

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