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Best cryptocurrency ICO investment for 2018 Washington Exchange

Washington Exchange (WASH) a decentralize trading platform, which  knows the problem in crypto it's unstable and underdeveloped 2018  has been very exciting with these massive price gains but there is a  tons of technical development that needs to be completed before  crypto become mainstream. One of our goals at Washington  Exchange is to make the general population more informed about  cryptocurrencies and their advantages and safety. Best  cryptocurrency ICO investment for 2018 Washington Exchange.  There are various decentralized exchanges in the market that are being used, Washington Exchange Decentralization Decentralization offers multiple benefits, making it the best ICO of 2018:   -Identity theft. In the centralized trading platform, we give out our identity, credit card information, bank information and more to everyone we do information and more to everyone we do business with. Through the power of cryptography this is no longer necessary. longer necessary. -Bankin

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