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Freediving is diving on just one breath of air.

Unlike scuba, freediving is less about equipment and gadgets, but is concentrated on the individual. For more information on Freedive Training, visit our website today!

Fitness and technique play an enormous part in this peaceful and enjoyable sport, and by concentrating on individuals two elements it's possible to experience the underwater world in ways you simply imagined.

Freediving places its roots thousands of years back, mainly when mankind positively attempted to reap the seas for the very first time. Divers would dive for food and later, luxury products like pearls and sponges.
We might have learnt a great deal about the body since individuals days, allowing us to visit much deeper than many people ever imagined, but the principle remains the same.

Freediving, like conventional scuba is just possible because of the human body's incredible adaptation to pressure. These being the proportion of water in the body, and the capability to pressurise the air spaces in the mind.

Lots of people may have attempted freediving, to some degree, although snorkelling on holiday. Although snorkelling is extremely a surface based activity, lots of people may have dived much deeper than the first couple of metres in to see something just a little closer. Now, although the first couple of metres are not the same from 10, 20, 30, 40 metres or even more, they've unintentionally be a novice freediver.

With training we are able to learn how to slow the heartbeat, trigger the mammalian dive reflex, hold the breath in our lung area for long periods, dive to Scuba depths and all although feeling totally at one with the water around us.

One of the great advantages of freediving over scuba diving, is the lack of cumbersome equipment.
You simply actually need a couple of things to freedive, a mask and some fins. Now that's not saying that you would not possibly appreciate a snorkel, a wetsuit and a weight belt however it shows that we depend on only fraction of the the equipment to Scuba dive securely. Want to know more about Freediving Courses Philippines Visit our website for more information.

Freediving should of course continually be conducted keeping the vehicle safe in mind. You need to really always dive having a buddy, and should you cant, you should not dive deep. You ought to be conscious of currents and tides. You need to mark yourself having a surface buoy to warn motorboats etc of your presence, and so that nobody calls the coastguard once they visit a diver laying face lower in the water not moving (preparing for a dive).

 Who ought to be interested in freediving? The response to that is very simple... anybody.

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