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Freediving is diving on just one breath of air. Unlike scuba, freediving is less about equipment and gadgets, but is concentrated on the individual. For more information on Freedive Training , visit our website today! Fitness and technique play an enormous part in this peaceful and enjoyable sport, and by concentrating on individuals two elements it's possible to experience the underwater world in ways you simply imagined. Freediving places its roots thousands of years back, mainly when mankind positively attempted to reap the seas for the very first time. Divers would dive for food and later, luxury products like pearls and sponges. We might have learnt a great deal about the body since individuals days, allowing us to visit much deeper than many people ever imagined, but the principle remains the same. Freediving, like conventional scuba is just possible because of the human body's incredible adaptation to pressure. These being the proportion of water in the body

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